Watch our latest Home Extension video

Watch our latest video of a single storey, SIP Home Extension we designed and built in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire this year. This modern Home Extension measures 9.47m x 4.00m and is 2.86m high and is clad in Red Western Cedar timber and features a large glass sky light.

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Home Extension Granny Annexe built in Basingstoke

We have recently completed a large 43.23m2 home extension in Basingstoke, which is being used as a Granny Annexe for an elderly family member. The self contained Granny Annexe extension required planning permission due to the size and the use of the new extension.

The Home Extension encompassed a double bedroom, en-suite bathroom, plus a large lounge/dining area. We looked after all aspects of the project, right from the design, installation and decoration – we even lay the flooring, plastering, electrics and decorate the internal walls.

The customer wanted the home extension to match the original house, so they chose a fully brick-clad exterior with a rendered rear wall, as well as matching double glazed windows and doors. A dual pitched roof featuring a Velux window added extra internal height to the extension, which was tiled in complementing and interlocking Sandtoft roof tiles and guttering.

We also installed and supplied the bathroom suite, featuring a double shower, sink and toilet, and then our build team linked it up to the main water supply and sewage system. Our professional electricians fitted all of the electrics and wiring for the home extension and linked this up to the main home system.

In total, the highly insulated, SIP built home extension took around 4 weeks from the foundations through to completion. The customers couldn’t quite believe it!

Home Extension Granny Annexe
Width: 3.85m max
Depth: 11.71m max
Height: 3.35m
External Area: 43.23m2

SIP Home Extension designed and built in Middlesex

We have recently completed a fantastic home extension in Middlesex for a family who wanted to extend their home so they didn’t have to move house. The hi-spec Home Extension was built using our structurally insulated panel (SIP) technology, which we manufacture ourselves in Bedfordshire.

Our SIPs comply with the new building standards which relate to Part 6 of the Building Regulation rules. These regulations focus on the consumption of fuel and electricity in relation to building performance.

Our team of experienced Designers worked alongside the customer to produce a modern home extension which looks effortlessly part of the original main home. The exterior had to be clad in fire retardant magnolia render, due to the extension being near to the neighbouring boundaries.

For the windows and doors, the customer preferred the contemporary finish of grey aluminium bi-fold doors and window frames. They also wanted to bring in lots of natural light to their home, so they chose a large sky light to be installed in the middle of the flat roof. Because of the sky light, we had to re-engineer our standard roof so that it could take the weight of the heavy 100kg glass.

The customer fitted a kitchen into the home extension after we finished the construction, although we did install all of the electrics and chrome light and power socket fittings for a fuss-free designer touch.

Home Extension
Width: 5.89m
Depth: 5.70m
Height: 2.97m
Internal height: 2.5m
External Area: 33.57m2

Modern, rendered Home Extension

Modern, rendered Home Extension

Home Extension floor plan

Home Extension floor plan

External chrome down lights

External chrome down lights

Large sky light

Large sky light

Western Red Cedar clad Home Extension in Milton Keynes

The Nicholas family wanted a insulated home extension instead of their existing conservatory, so that they had a spacious dining area off of their kitchen, as well as a new lounge area. They wanted a natural and ultra-modern design, so our professional designers chose a home extension with Western Red Cedar, a flat roof with a sleek aluminium roof trim and a large sky light.

The family wanted to inject some personality into their design, so they opted for blue UPVC framed doors and windows. They then based their interior design around the deep blue of the windows and doors, by choosing stylish blue sofas and painting a blue feature wall.

We took care of all aspects of the design, ground works right through to the construction of the home extension, which was built using structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for extra warmth and speed – the extension took just 4 weeks to complete.

SIP Home Extension
Width: 9.47m
Depth: 4.00m
Height: 2.86m
External Area: 37.9m2

For this home extension project we completed the following:

  • Free site survey
  • Free design service
  • Removing existing conservatory
  • Creating the openings to the main home
  • Full construction, including concrete slab foundations
  • All joinery – double glazed windows and doors
  • Large glass sky light and fitting
  • Re-engineering the roof to allow for weight of the new sky light
  • Flat rubber EPDM roof with aluminium roof trim
  • Fitted all lighting and electric including power points
  • Lay the laminate flooring
  • Internal plastering
  • Internal decoration, including white gloss skirting boards
  • Western Red Cedar external timber cladding
  • Free Planning Application Offer – November & December 2014

    We’re excited to launch a one-off special offer for November and December this year for our new Home Extensions customers.

    Many of our Home Extensions require planning permission due to their size, use, or because of the area you live in. With this extra expense in mind, we’re giving away FREE PLANNING PERMISSION if you sign up with us and pay your deposit in November and December.

    This exciting offer is worth a staggering £1,286, which means you can put the saving towards other important things like furnishing your new Home Extension or taking advantage of our many upgrades.

    If you want to take advantage of this special offer, contact us today to book a free site survey visit. If you already have a quotation and want to pay your deposit today, contact your surveyor as soon as possible to sign up with us.

    Like with all offers, terms and conditions apply, so please read these carefully below.

    Free Planning Application for Home Extensions in November and December 2014 – Terms and Conditions:

    You will not be charged fees for your first planning permission submission for a Home Extension. This offer covers only this planning permission initial fee, up to the value of £1672, it does not cover the cost of any extras, for example, any flood risk reports. The planning application must be for a Home Extension specified in a quotation from, and agreed by, The Home Extension Company. The planning permission application process will begin once you have paid your 10% deposit. The majority of buildings quoted by The Home Extension Company are eligible for this offer, however we reserve the right to refuse this offer where we believe planning permission is unlikely to be granted.

    In the case of planning permission being rejected, where you choose not to appeal the planning verdict, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you choose to appeal the planning verdict, the cost of any appeal will be payable by you. If you choose not to proceed with the planned build after planning permission has been granted, The Home Extension Company will retain the full deposit initially paid. This offer is only applicable to those building requiring planning permission and an alternative promotion will not be offered to any buildings except.

    These terms and conditions are subject to our standard terms and conditions provided, and any other terms you may have been referred to at the time of taking up this offer. By agreeing to this promotion you comply with all relevant terms and conditions. The items outlined are non-transferable to any other individual and cash or an alternative will not be offered. The customer is responsible for any additional expenses and arrangements not specifically included in this offer. This offer is subject to availability.

    The Home Extension Company reserve the right to amend, cancel or alter the terms of the offer at any time

    This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer you have previously arranged with The Home Extension Company. If you wish to redeem this offer please ensure the offer code “Winter14” is quoted on your signed and agreed quotation.

    Only one Free Planning Application is permitted per Home Extension. The Home Extension Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notification. The offer is only valid with deposits made in November or December 2014. If you have already paid your deposit, prior to November 2014 and your planning permission process has been initiated you will not be eligible for this offer. This offer is available for deposits paid from 1st November 2014 to 30th December 2014 only.

    Extend your home before Christmas

    You could be enjoying extra space this Christmas with an extension built using Structurally Insulated Panels. Our home extensions can be completed in just 2-4 weeks, and often we can build within permitted development rights.

    Due to a change of schedule and continued growth, we have build slots available in November and December, so you could be enjoying extra space this Christmas. Many of our customers have used the extra space for a larger open plan kitchen and dining area, ideal for family dining this festive season.

    Please contact us today to book a free site survey, and let us know that you are keen to complete your extension as soon as possible.

    Home Extension with Dining Area

    Home Extension with Dining Area

    Recently Completed Home Extension – Project McIver, Suffolk.

    We have recently completed a modern, 18.73m2 one room home extension, which required planning permission. Lots of natural light was important to the client, who requested two Velux windows and large windows with a sliding patio door. The home extension measures 5.16m x 3.63m and 3.34m high.

    The white rendered home extension was built in just 4 weeks, and the £29,618 price included everything from the foundations and construction right through to the plastering, flooring, electrics and internal decoration.

    We took care of the planning application for the client, which was approved in around 12 weeks. It then took 4-5 weeks to book them into our build schedule, with the finished article completed 4 weeks later.

    If you are interested in extending your home, contact us today

    Permitted Development Home Extension

    We have recently completed a three room home extension within permitted development. Each one of the rooms is completed with skylight and lots of glazing, ensuring the inside space benefits from lots of natural light.

    One of the rooms is a shower room and there are two additional living room spaces. Our extensions are built using Structurally Insulated Panels, this customer chose to clad the extension with brick to match the rest of the house.

    If you are interested in extending your home, contact us today to understand what we can build within permitted development.

    Home Extensions Company – Completed Build

    The customer commissioned the extension after finding us on the internet. The 13.98m2 extension is the full width of the rear of the house, adding a significant amount of living space to the house. The customer told us the thing they liked best about the build was that the surveyor was organised, the construction was quick. They also appreciated how the service we offer results in a complete finish.

    New Permitted Development Rules 2013

    You can often extend or add to your house without the need to apply for planning permission provided you meet a set of limits and conditions.

    Whether you’re simply looking to improve your existing house or carry out major works to a property you’re intending to buy, it pays to understand the scope of the available Permitted Development (PD) Rights.

    What is allowed under permitted development applies largely to the dimensions of the proposed extension, its position on the house and its proximity to your boundaries

    In order to carry out work under permitted development the work must strictly conform to the current criteria, so it does make sense to either check with your local authority before carrying out the works or have a qualified surveyor confirm that they are in order.

    The following amendments to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) have been published and come into force on the 30th May 2013. In brief, the key changes include allowing the following without the need for planning permission.

    ·         Larger single storey rear extensions to residential properties

    ·         Larger extensions to industrial and warehousing premises, shops and offices

    ·         Conversions between office and residential uses

    ·         More flexible uses of shops, offices, residential institutions and agricultural buildings

    ·         Easier conversion of premises for school uses

    ·         Telecom installations in conservation areas

    With regards to Home Extensions the amendments are as follows;

    • The amendments come into force on the 30th May 2013 and will expire currently on the 30th May 2016.
    • The amendments do not apply if the dwelling/house is on article 1(5). Article 1(5) land’ – is land within a National Park, the Broads, an area of outstanding natural beauty, an area designated as a conservation area, and land within World Heritage Sites.
    • Extension has to be single storey.
    • Can extend beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling/house by no more than 8 metres for a detached dwelling and 6 metres in any other case.
    • Can not exceed 4 metres in height.

    Before development is commenced, the developer must provide the following to the local planning authority.

    • A written description of the proposed development. This must include;
    1. How far the enlarged part of the dwelling/house extends beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling/house;
    2. The maximum height of the enlarged part of the dwelling/house; and
    3. The height of the eaves of the enlarged part of the dwelling/house;
    • A plan indicating the site and showing the proposed development.
    • The addresses of any adjoining premises.
    • The developer’s contact address and email address if the developer wishes to communicate electronically.

    Once the above criteria has been submitted to the local planning authority (LPA), they will then notify any adjoining neighbours about the proposed development by serving them a notice. This will include measurements of the proposal.

    The neighbours will then have 21 days from the date of the notice to make any representations to the LPA.

    If any objection is received from an adjoining neighbour, prior approval of the LPA is then required as to the impact of the proposed development on the amenity of any adjoining premises.

    The development shall not be commenced before one of the below is received;

    • the receipt by the developer from the local planning authority of a written notice that their prior approval is not required;
    • the receipt by the developer from the local planning authority of a written notice giving their prior approval; or

    the expiry of 42 days following the date on which the developer proposal information was received by the local planning authority without the local planning authority notifying the developer as to whether prior approval is given or refused.

    For a more in-depth review into the recent changes to Permitted Development right see the link below, or contact your local planning department.