Home Extension Doors and Windows

Our home extensions have been carefully designed to provide the best space and comfort possible. Depending on the extension you choose, you’ll be offered a choice of specially crafted windows and doors including French Doors or Bi-Folds, Velux or Casement style windows manufactured in a variety of different materials.

Door Frames

Single Door

Single Door

French Doors

French Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Standard Medium Large
Single Door Optional Optional Optional
French Doors
Bi-folds Doors Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Door Handles
Door Locks (Insurance Standard)

Window Frames

Fixed Frame Windows

Fixed Window Frame

Casement Windows

Casement Window

Velux Windows

Velux Window

Top Hung Windows

Top Hung Window

Standard Medium Large
Fixed Frames Windows One Fixed Frame Two Fixed Frames Two Fixed Frames
Top Hung Windows Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Casement Windows One Casement Window One Casement Window Two Casement Windows
Velux Windows Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Window Locks (Insurance Standard)

Door & Window Materials

Our home extensions can be manufactured in 3 different materials, depending on the type of home extension you require. We also offer the option to upgrade your door and windows with laminated (tinted) glass.


Standard Medium Large
Aluminium Doors & Windows Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
PVCu Doors & Windows
Timber Doors & Windows Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Laminated Glass (Tinted) Doors & Windows Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Additional Glazing Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade


Home Extension Company’s Product Range

Standard Extensions

Medium Extensions

Large Extensions